WhatImpact: Revolutionizing Social Impact

In the bustling tech scene of the UK, WhatImpact set out with a bold vision: to revolutionize the social impact sector. They partnered with Atomate, and together, they turned this vision into reality. Within just six months, we launched a successful MVP, a platform that would redefine transparency and resource allocation. Since its inception, the platform has seen a surge in user activity, becoming a testament to the power of technological innovation and agile development.

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Client Background

WhatImpact, a UK-based company, leverages technology to connect companies and grantmakers committed to making a social impact. Their platform revolutionises resource allocation, fostering transparency and enabling meaningful partnerships among companies, grantmakers, charities, and social enterprises. By streamlining the process, WhatImpact empowers organisations to drive positive change and create a lasting impact in the social impact sector.

Project Summary

Atomate has been initially contracted to develop an initial MVP which was launched within 6 months. Following its success, What Impact has secured additional funding for further development of the platform, which was undertaken and successfully completed by Atomate.

WhatImpact is a groundbreaking platform that uses technology to transform social impact collaboration.At the core of the platform is a dynamic entity profile system that allows organisations to identify co-funding opportunities, as well as showcase work and achievements. It helps entities effectively manage projects and offers requests, communicate and engage with bidders and offerers. The simplified application process makes it easy for entities to connect and cooperate with potential partners.

With the extensive expertise in agile methodology and software development, Atomate was able to create a streamlined platform that simplified resource allocation that promoted transparency and impactful partnerships. The project has been completed successfully since then WhatImpact has experienced a remarkable increase in activity and its user base.

Services Provided

Atomate delivered a bespoke range of services to ensure a user-centric experience. The project began with the implementation of a highly customizable administration component, a powerful tool that allowed detailed profiles for each borough. This feature was critical in fostering a strong connection between entities and their localised communities.

The project development continued with unique content display across different subdomains, providing a localised browsing experience. Simultaneously, Atomate implemented a series of financial transparency features that adapted the Service Information Return (SIR) type based on payments.

In addition, our team set up a dedicated product line exclusively for boroughs, incorporating custom logic tailored to their specific requirements. This innovative approach ensured that each borough had a unique and tailored experience, aligning perfectly with their goals and mission.

In addition to these, Atomate recognized the need for dynamicity within the platform and developed flexible pages for each borough. This feature provided an additional space for boroughs to tell their unique stories.

Methodology and Approach

Atomate follows an Agile methodology to build custom solutions for its clients. By embracing Agile principles, we delivered the WhatImpact platform with timely releases and well-planned sprint sessions. Our collaborative approach involved close coordination with the product owner and other stakeholders, engaging in regular discussions to address challenges and devise effective solutions. This iterative process allowed for flexibility and adaptability throughout the development journey.

To streamline the project delivery, Atomate leveraged automated processes. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines were implemented, enabling seamless integration of code changes and ensuring a reliable and efficient workflow. Our "test early" approach, integrated from the outset, helped identify and resolve issues promptly, minimising potential setbacks and optimising the overall development process.

Outcomes and Impact:

Since the successful implementation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and subsequent platform phases, WhatImpact has experienced a remarkable increase in its user base. This growth can be attributed to the enhanced functionality and improved user experience that Atomate's contributions have brought to the platform.

Increased activity within the platform has translated into tangible business growth for WhatImpact, as more stakeholders recognize the platform as a valuable resource for achieving their social goals.

The platform's success is a testament to its ability to foster meaningful connections and facilitate impactful social change, making it a vital tool for driving positive social impact.


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