GroundTeq: Streamlining Operational Success

GroundTeq has become a game-changer in linehaul business operations. Their platform, enhanced with Atomate's innovative features, provides critical tools such as an automated system for weekly financial reports and alert mechanisms for expiring documents. This robust, cloud-based platform offers specialized services, including automated driver pay calculations and a user-friendly dashboard.

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Client Background

GroundTeq is a leading provider of a cloud-based operating platform that simplifies administrative tasks and optimises linehaul management. With a proven track record and is trusted by the largest FedEx Linehaul Contract Service Provider, GroundTeq offers a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage fleets, drivers, payroll, and overall business operations.

Project Summary

Working closely with GroundTeq's team, Atomate implemented innovative features tailored to address the unique needs of linehaul businesses. Our team developed an automated system for generating weekly profit and loss reports, ensuring timely and accurate financial insights. Additionally, Atomate integrated alert mechanisms for expiring truck and driver documents, reducing the risk of compliance issues.

Services Provided

Atomate partnered with GroundTeq to enhance their cloud-based operating platform and empower TSPs with tailored functionalities and capabilities. Atomate provided a range of specialised services to enhance GroundTeq's platform and offer an optimised user experience.

By integrating automated weekly profit and loss reports, users gained real-time financial insights with just a few clicks. Alert mechanisms were seamlessly implemented to keep track of expiring truck and driver documents, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.

Atomate's expertise in streamlining operations led to automated driver pay calculations, revolutionising payroll management and minimising errors. The introduction of a user-friendly dashboard equipped with comprehensive metrics empowered businesses to monitor week-over-week trends, analyse performance, and unlock valuable insights through advanced reporting capabilities. Seamlessly integrating with multiple external systems further streamlined workflows, allowing for seamless data exchange.

Safety took centre stage as we co-created a dedicated portal to log, store, and retrieve safety incidents. GroundTeq users were empowered to upload VERD videos, document key learnings, and implement corrective actions. The recruitment process was also simplified with candidate tracking, and efficient payroll processing made accurate management a breeze. Lastly, the added feature of discounted fuel from top brands nationwide made GroundTeq an even more attractive solution for linehaul businesses.

Atomate successfully transformed GroundTeq's platform from a functional tool into a dynamic and versatile solution. Our partnership with GroundTeq fostered a user-friendly and adaptable solution that revolutionised linehaul business operations, empowering companies to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Methodology and Approach

Atomate follows an Agile methodology to build custom solutions for its clients. By embracing Agile principles, we delivered the GroundTeq platform with timely releases and well-planned sprint sessions. Our collaborative approach involved close coordination with the product owner and other stakeholders, engaging in regular discussions to address challenges and devise effective solutions. This iterative process allowed for flexibility and adaptability throughout the development journey.

To streamline the project delivery, Atomate leveraged automated processes. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines were implemented, enabling seamless integration of code changes and ensuring a reliable and efficient workflow.

Outcomes and Impact:

The collaboration between Atomate and GroundTeq has not only driven the platform's growth but has also generated significant tangible business outcomes.

The final product has established GroundTeq as a trusted provider of software as a service in fleet management, streamlining driver operations and payroll processing. The platform's proven value has resulted in a significant increase in user engagement and widespread adoption, confirming its position as an essential tool for enhancing operational efficiency.


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