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StoryMD, with its unique fusion of content and technology, has created a comprehensive library of health resources. To make this wealth of information accessible and understandable, StoryMD needed a unified database for medical data. Atomate stepped in with the goal of creating a comprehensive platform that could organize and structure this extensive data.

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Client Background

StoryMD is a US based health tech startup, developer of a platform that effectively monitors and addresses health concerns through a unified system. By transforming each individual's health data into a personalised story, the company's platform enhances health outcomes and empowers patients to maintain comprehensive records of their medical history.

Project Summary

What sets StoryMD apart is their cutting-edge fusion of content and technology. With a vast library of over 5,500 HealthJournals, 41,000 health articles, almost 50,000 health-related videos, and 60,000 images and interactive imagery, StoryMD provides access to curated medical information from trustworthy sources such as CDC, FDA, and NIH. StoryMD’s goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for all healthcare needs, making it easier for users to navigate the world of medical information.

To make sure that health-related content is understandable and trustworthy, StoryMD had to design and develop a unified database that embodied a lot of medical data that was either not easily accessible or not structured or simply incomprehensible.

Atomate's goal in crafting a Content System for StoryMD was to create a comprehensive platform that organises and structures extensive medical data. By streamlining healthcare data, our team has helped transform it into user-friendly content that empowers individuals to take control of their health journey.

Services Provided

Atomate's partnership with StoryMD began in 2018. The core service provided continuous improvement of the product by leveraging the existing Minimum Viable Product MVP, resulting in a more robust and comprehensive platform.

Our role was pivotal in ensuring the reliability and scalability of StoryMD's Content System. We introduced several essential features, enhancing both functionality and user experience of the platform. These enhancements ensured that the platform not only met the existing needs but was also future-proofed to scale and adapt to emerging demands.

A key feature was the robust search functionality. Understanding that quick and easy access to information was crucial for StoryMD's users, Atomate developed an intuitive search mechanism. This functionality empowered users to rapidly find specific medical data, effectively turning a potentially time-consuming process into a seamless, straightforward experience.

The search functionality was meticulously crafted, keeping the user at the forefront of the design process.. It features an easy-to-use interface that makes it effortless to search and receive relevant results. We also implemented advanced filters and sorting options. These features allow users to refine their search results, so they could quickly and accurately find the information they needed.

By prioritising these enhancements, Atomate successfully transformed StoryMD's platform from a basic tool into a dynamic and versatile solution.

Methodology and Approach

Atomate follows an Agile methodology to build custom solutions for its clients. By embracing Agile principles, we delivered the WhatImpact platform with timely releases and well-planned sprint sessions. Our collaborative approach involved close coordination with the product owner and other stakeholders, engaging in regular discussions to address challenges and devise effective solutions. This iterative process allowed for flexibility and adaptability throughout the development journey.

Throughout the development process, Atomate worked closely with StoryMD Health to ensure that the correct goals were set and the right expectations were established. They collaborated every step of the way to ensure that the desired product was developed and delivered.

Atomate additionally implemented a systematic workflow consisting of code reviews, performance evaluations, penetration testing, as well as the creation of unit tests and integration tests. Additionally, Atomate implemented code quality workflows and employed a Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD) process to ensure both the code and the product maintained high standards of quality. They set up pre-commit hooks to verify code quality and used a Continuous Integration / Continuous Development process to ensure the code and product quality.

By using Atomate's agile methodology, StoryMD Health was able to transform how users interact with their health data. Our dynamic approach improved team performance in developing the most important features of the platform, such as Personal Health Portfolio. As a result, users can now easily create their own Health Portfolios, which turn complex medical data into simple, easy-to-understand health stories.

Outcomes and Impact:

The collaboration between StoryMD and Atomate Software emerged in an innovative solution that allowed individuals to control their health records and recommendations through a personalised ecosystem. With StoryMD Health, users are able to create a Personal Health Portfolio that decodes their personal data into clearly understandable health stories.

StoryMD keeps growing organically and empowers more users to take control over their health data. They helped thousands of users understand their health records and lab test results. The collaboration between StoryMD and Atomate Software is a perfect example of how two companies with a shared vision could work together to create something truly amazing.


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