Lafarge: Mastering Smart Logistics

Together with Lafarge we crafted a platform that doesn't just handle orders, collect data, and whip up reports - it does it all with style and efficiency. Thoroughly tested and backed by a comprehensive guide, this platform has given Lafarge the power to streamline processes and make smarter decisions, taking their logistics operations to a whole new level.

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Client Background

Holcim Group (HOLN), a Swiss-French multinational company that manufactures building materials, is a global leader in innovative & sustainable building materials. Holcim Group operates in around seventy countries and is a global partner for major infrastructure projects.

Project Summary

Atomate has been invited to participate in a bid for the project, and after a thorough selection process, our company has been awarded the contract.

The project initiated by Holcim Group / Lafarge Moldova required a comprehensive solution that would include the full development cycle of a product - a logistics platform commissioned by Lafarge Moldova to distribute orders automatically via their supply chain, aggregate data and report on KPIs for each of the participating companies.

With a client-focused approach, Atomate conducted meticulous business analysis to gain a deep understanding of Lafarge's needs and translate them into detailed requirements. Our goal was to design and develop a robust platform that empowered Lafarge with enhanced operational efficiency, streamlined processes, and improved decision-making capabilities.

Services Provided

Atomate has worked closely with the client to document all existing and expected process requirements, as well as develop a visual representation of the application prior to implementation. The team engaged with the client to perform the following activities:

  • Analysed existing proposal and documented requirements to be implemented
  • Implemented all requirements in a series of biweekly sprints
  • Stabilised and tested the solution to ensure all quality standards were met
  • Conducted additional security testing
  • Documented the functionality of the platform
  • Conducted training sessions with the client

Methodology and Approach

Atomate follows an Agile methodology to build custom solutions for its clients. Our team divided the development process into biweekly sprints, allowing for flexibility and adaptability as we implemented the identified requirements. Regular communication and feedback loops with Lafarge ensured a collaborative environment, fostering continuous improvement and timely decision-making.

Quality assurance was a top priority for us. Our team conducted extensive testing and stabilisation efforts, ensuring that the platform met the highest standards of functionality, performance, and user experience. Our dedicated security testing provided Lafarge with a secure and reliable platform.

Comprehensive documentation of the platform's functionality was a key deliverable, providing Lafarge with valuable insights into its features and capabilities. Additionally, our tailored training sessions equipped Lafarge's team with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively navigate and utilise the platform, driving operational efficiency within their organisation.

To streamline the project delivery, Atomate leveraged automated processes. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines were implemented, enabling seamless integration of code changes and ensuring a reliable and efficient workflow.

Outcomes and Impact:

Following the successful launch of Lafarge Vinci Platform, users commanded the system's features and usability. The system went live from day one, with no hiccups or downtime. By the end of the initial launch period, the system had processed thousands of orders and tracked hundreds of thousands of data events. Together with Atomate, Lafarge Moldova is continuing supporting and developing the platform.


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Lafarge Da Vinci Platform

Holcim Group (HOLN), a Swiss-French multinational company that manufactures building materials, is a global leader in innovative & sustainable building materials.

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