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Team Augmentation

Our software consultants can help overcome the IT obstacles you’re facing towards a more profitable and successful business.

Team augmentation grows your team and allows your workers to focus on important issues, which can mean the difference between a software development project's success and failure.

Get your team up to speed

If your project requires a team of highly skilled developers, analysts or quality assurance specialists, we can help with access to qualified and experienced staff on demand. Recruitment is a daunting task and does require a lot of useful tasks, slowing the business down and taking useful time. Finding the right candidates with the necessary skills and enough experience and skills at the right price can take months.


Eltonic can help with team augmentation services by::

  • Setting up a temporary experienced team quickly
  • Improving the level of overall quality achieved of the project
  • Bringing down the costs in the project, without compromising on quality and output

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Open technologies and open, collaborative approaches open up new business opportunities

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