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Software Project Rescue

If you have issues with your bespoke software project or fallen out with your software developers, we can rescue your software project and get your business back on track quickly. 

Software projects fail for many reasons, but as a consequence, your business may be suffering as a result. We understand that the most important thing is to get the project fixed and running as soon as possible.

Your project may be in one or a combination of the following situations:

  • Software developers have not finished your project or are not able to ensure good quality
  • Due to many reasons, developers you have been working with are not available to continue anymore
  • You don’t have access to main project assets, source code, documentation
  • The project was stable, but due to recent changes by third party, other components have broken
  • The project uses outdated or unfit programming techniques and solutions
  • Your software project may not be fit for purpose.
  • The project has not been properly stabilised and is crashing very often after launch, developers refusing to tackle issues due to cost or other implications

How we can help

Our experienced consultants, engineers and software developers are here to help rescue and stabilise your project. They will analyse and identify the problems quickly and propose a timely strategy on how to get the project back on track. They will also liaise with previous developers to obtain the necessary documentation and backups.

Here are just some of the examples on how we tackled rescue operations:

  • We took control of existing production servers, backed up code and the data
  • Without existing documentation, our analysts documented all functionality and use cases and then passed this knowledge to the developers
  • Our developers created staging, development and UAT environments, enabling them to start delivering and testing issues quickly
  • Our senior analysts have analysed the quality of the code and proposed mitigation strategy.
  • Our developers have researched old systems written in obsolete languages and implemented the project using new and improved technology
  • Our data analysts have investigated database performance issues and fine-tuned the databases to run smoothly
  • Our infrastructure specialists have migrated the project to a scalable infrastructure, using AWS, Google Cloud or similar automated cloud based solutions
  • We have prepared all technical documentation required for the project

We can help to get your project back on schedule, budget and quality

Our methodology is simple – isolate the problems, develop a strategy on how to tackle the issues and then solve the problems quickly. We understand that the budget is limited in most of the rescue cases, so we will work with you and propose the most cost effective solution on how to rescue the project.

We’d love to hear from you

We’d love to hear more about your requirements, and help you materialise your project — give our team a call on +44 (0) 20 8090 0828 if we can help.

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