Procurement & Sustainable Development

WhatImpact Marketplace Platform

What Impact harnesses technology to match companies and grantmakers who want to make an impact with charities and social enterprises looking for resources.

The challenge

The client contracted us to develop an initial MVP which was launched in 2020. Following its success, What Impact has secured additional funding for further development of the platform, which was undertaken by Atomate and successfully completed by the end of 2021.

Notes on methodology

The project has been implemented using Agile methodology, with timely deliveries and scheduled sprint planning sessions. The team worked closely with the product owner and other involved parties, frequently debating decisions on issues and solutions. The project delivery was fully automated, using CI/CD pipelines and test early approach.

Notes on technology stack

WhatImpact.com is built with open source frameworks. It contains multiple components interwired together with 3rd party tools.

  • Main frontend / backend stack
    • Responsive UI
    • MVC Backend / RESTful APIs
    • React.js frontend
    • Twitter Bootstrap - version 4.5.3, CSS - FontAwesome
    • NPM / NodeJS, Javascript - WebSockets, Iodash, Popper, Socket.io
    • Machine learning bindings using Python libraries
  • Development & QA
    • Docker stack
    • Development - Git, GitFlow, Bitbucket
    • Deployment - Jenkins, Automated to AWS using EBS
    • QA -Unit Testing - PHPUnit
    • QA - Integration / Regression - RobotFramework
  • AWS / Storage / DB / Deployment
    • AWS - Amazon Web Services
    • Nginx + SSL (R3)
    • AWS RDS - MariaDB - ver 10.1.26
    • Monitoring services using Amazon CloudWatch
    • Hosted and configured on Amazon Web Service (AWS)
    • Automated scaling configured for spikes in activity,
Business value

Following the successful implementation of the MVP and second phase of What Impact Platform, the website has significantly increased its user base and is now growing rapidly, which has allowed for a significant increase of business for What Impact.

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