Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have summarised a list of frequently asked questions about software development services together with our answers. If you don’t find what you are looking for or would like more information, please contact us.

Where is Atomate located?

Atomate’s head office and principal development center is located in London, UK. We maintain another development center in Eastern Europe (Moldova), where most of the technical team is based. To get in touch, please visit our Contact us page.

What is the process of creating bespoke software?

Atomate follows industry standards in the process of development of software (Agile). The process is structured and straightforward and comprises the following phases:

  • Discovery phase – The discovery phase is where you undertake all the research you need in order to fully scope and plan your entire project. It is usually always the very first step in the process. The discovery phase aims to gain a detailed understanding of stakeholders vision, requirements and the end customer in order to produce a better performing product.
  • Development & Integration – This phase involves the development and QA teams working together with the Product Owner. The work is structured into Sprints, usually bi-weekly, with the scope reviewed at the beginning of each sprint. Releases are issued as often as possible to aid testing, but no later than at the end of each sprint.
  • Launch / Go Live – Eventually the software is ready to “go live” and we’ll ensure that happens, setting up the application on a production hosting environment.
  • Maintenance & support – We’ll support you for the long term by maintaining and monitoring your bespoke application.

To read more about the process of development please visit Process page.

Who owns the IP?

All the IP belongs to you. Atomate doesn’t retain any IP rights.

However, as some of the solutions are built on top of third party software (including open source software), the underlying IP for this software is held with their owners. We will ensure that you are aware of the terms associated with such use.

How much does it cost to develop an app or bespoke software?

It really depends on the complexity and time required to develop the software. To give you some examples,

  • £8-15K – A mobile app for both iOS and Android, implementing user accounts, some custom functionality and push notifications
  • £10-15K – A simplistic bespoke responsive web application, taking approximately 2-3 months to deliver
  • £20-50K – A bespoke software project, automating aspects of an organisation’s end-to-end processes including (for example) job management, invoicing and reporting.

If you’re looking for support & maintenance only, our minimum engagement requirements are £6K/year.

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