Our core values

Since its inception in 2011, Atomate has been adhering to its core values, which shape the culture and define the strategy and uniqueness of the company.

Excellent Customer Service

We aim to be the best in customer service, by constantly reviewing our results and optimising processes to deliver best possible quality and communication.

Open and Honest Relationships

We strive to build open and honest relationships, based on trust and responsiblity.

Excellent Quality

We deliver great quality by performing detailed project analysis, facilitating exceptional communication to ensure client needs are met, and by applying proven quality assurance techniques in our process.

Deliver on Time

Timely deliveries are important to us and we aim to ensure deliveries are happening in a timely, expected manner.

Best People

We attract, develop and retain the best talent as part of our team. We cultivate a "can-do" attitude, empower freedom and foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

Embrace and Drive Change

We embrace the change and technical innovation by constantly testing and adopting proven models. We push boundaries and don't take no for an answer; we belive there is always a way forward.

Why choose Atomate

  • Methodology
  • We work in small but highly effective & efficient teams and this gives us the ability to perform well and deliver on schedule. We structure our work around an interactive, collaborative process by maintaining an open communication with the client at all time. We believe software development is a constant two way communication process where the client is always part of the development team.
  • We're flexible
  • We are based in London, UK with an additional development office in Eastern Europe, Moldova. We maintain constant communication in order to ensure effective project management and timely deployments.
  • We're agile
  • We embrace new development techniques and constantly optimise our processes and learn from what is happening in the industry. We follow agile paradigms, have frequent iterations, do discovery phases, write and implement stories and test efficiently.
  • Customer Service
  • We ensure best possible post-delivery customer service by offering on-time problem resolution, excellent communication and maintaining good product quality.

There are many different ways of running a software project and at Atomate we've encountered most of them.

Whether you’re focusing on developing web applications, mobile applications or enterprise multi-platform applications, agile seems to be everywhere. But what is agile exactly? In simple terms, it’s a methodology that reduces development cost and risk, improves quality and enhances customer’s satisfaction by better meeting project’s needs and expectations. We use agile methodology in our process, which is a proven path to ensure on-time projects delivery of all the required set of features.

Our team