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Eltonic's technology strategy and transformation experts excel at keeping your journey less turbulent. We assist companies in developing and implementing strategies and processes that increase business value and improve performance. Our expertise deliver extensive knowledge and experience to your most complex challenges, from system replacement to IT transformation and developing more effective development processes.

Your new vision

Our experts help companies adapt their IT strategy and implement systems and solutions, including cutting-edge cloud services, to re-energize enterprise performance.

Atomate's technology strategy, vision & architecture services provide the vision, approach, and roadmap for large-scale IT infrastructure and operations transformations, ensuring that technology changes are aligned with business objectives. We engage with senior leadership to set technical direction, define your target state—including desired components such cloud services and on-premises functions—and prepare transformation plans.


We'll walk you through modern corporate architecture, as well as application, data, and infrastructure architectures. We'll also assist you in selecting technology providers, advising you on complicated problems such as how solution components interact to achieve a successful outcome and deliver performance, security, and scalability.

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Open technologies and open, collaborative approaches open up new business opportunities

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