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We have partnered with industry leaders such as Rackspace, AWS and Google Cloud, to offer you the best UK, EU or US based hosting.

We’re here to support you throughout all software development lifecycle phases. We will look after your project after it is finished, and ensure its smooth functioning by providing quality hosting and maintenance.

The benefits of our hosting services

  • Highly skilled resources to look after your project’s infrastructure
  • Fully redundant setups, with zero downtime, so if anything fails there will be zero downtime
  • Server maintenance in the background, without affecting your services
  • 24/7 automated monitoring of your core services, including alerts service

There’s no downtime if something fails thanks to a “hot” backup that takes over immediately (this is known as “fully redundant”).

Server maintenance and upgrades

In order to ensure server stability, Atomate specialists will carefully look after your project’s infrastructure, by performing the following types of activities on the server

  • Verify integrity of the database and files
  • Check the logs for any errors or suspicious activity
  • Verify integrity of the backups
  • Check server health
  • Check security updates and install if necessary
  • Check associated infrastructure, such as load balancing;
  • Scan systems for vulnerabilities, intrusion detections and other possible security problems;

Are Atomate’s hosting services for me?

After working with us, many of our customers naturally trust us to host their business application, because it brings them peace of mind. However, it really depends on the application and its requirements, with some projects requiring specific infrastructure such as automated scalability. In this particular case, AWS, Google Cloud or Azure services would be more suitable.

We are here to advise and we will work with you to identify and support the right solution.


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