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Maintenance & support

This phase is focused on stabilisation of the project by resolving any potential problems.

Our support promise

Whatever your project’s support requirements are, our capabilities can help tackle all.

We understand that your business may be affected by event the smallest of the issues, causing various level of damage to the project. When bugs resurface, you need a qualified team to ensure that the problem is tackled professionally and timely, to avoid it affecting business processes.

Our support services are constantly rated as very reliable and responsive. We have processes in place to ensure timely communication, quality delivery and testing of reported problems.

How support works

All support requests on your projects are directed to either online help desk system or your account manager. The issues will then be picked up by our developers and fixed, tested, and then delivered. If developers are unable to resolve the query, they will escalate the issue to project owner so that your problem can be addressed and clarified.

All support requests are documented and submitted using our in-house help desk system, where a the issue is tracked and a full issue history is available. As well as our online help desk, you can also get in touch by telephone or via email – whatever’s the most convenient for you.

Support hours

Our help-desk is available 7:30AM – 4:30PM (BST) weekdays and is regularly monitored out of hours, so the information is readily available to us when we are back next working day.

Service Level Agreements

If your project is critical and requires out of hours support, we’re here to help too. We will work with you to an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA), which means we’re committed to responding to client needs quickly through our in-house front-line support team and our development & QA team.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) essentially represent our promise to deal with any issues and requests within a given time frame. We can also provide SLAs to suit your needs, e.g. extended hours of cover (24x7x365, weekends, public holidays), or different response times – please talk to us for details.

Service Monitoring

Monitoring ensures your software runs efficiently and safely, while freeing up resource to focus on more strategic goals.

We have the necessary capabilities to monitor your software for any critical issues, provide an early warning of possible problems, so they can be dealt with early and keep services running smoothly.

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