We will endeavour to deliver your software development project efficiently and on-budget using proven agile processes.

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Our delivery process is straightforward and involves the following phases.

Planning & Prototyping

Software project projects can be delivered faster and better results by introducing a discovery phase upfront.

Development & Integration

This phase is involves the development and QA team working together with the Product Owner.

Maintenance & support

This phase is focused on stabilisation of the project by resolving any potential problems.

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What is an MVP and why it is a good idea?

If your project involves building an entirely new application, consider planning and starting with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers …

What is Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development Methodology advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change. By implementing Agile software development methodology, we can start delivering software quickly and adapt to changes in …

Key Technology Stack

We design and develop efficient and user friendly applications using mostly Open Source stack. We recognise the fact that the software development applications evolve quickly and technologies change and improve. To manage the change and keep ahead of technology trend, we have established …

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Below we have summarised a list of frequently asked questions about software development services together with our answers. If you don’t find what you are looking for or would like more information, please contact us. Where is Atomate located? Atomate’s …

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