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How Atomate Software's internal communication has been changed before and after pandemy

With the rise of remote work as many other companies, Atomate Software had focused on how to improve strategic communication with their employees. In times of change and rapid growth, there is a greater need for companies to be flexible in how they communicate with employees.

Not sure which outsource model to choose?

Outsourcing can be a great way to bring in new skills, but it’s also a way to make sure that your business is protected, both financially and legally. If you choose the wrong model for your company, however, you could end up wasting money and losing credibility with your clients.

Why and How to Continuously Improve Your Products

We used to think once you’ve created a product, there is no much one can do to improve it. This might have been true a few decades ago, but not anymore.

5 Technology Trends That Will Dominate In 2023

As the digital transformation landscape continues to evolve and new technologies emerge, it's important that we don't lose sight of the core drivers of digital transformation: sustainability, data volumes, and compute and network speeds.

Top 5 Problems Tech Teams Face That You Shouldn't Ignore

The tech industry has emerged from the shadow of the pandemic, but there is still a lot of work ahead. From adapting to new workplace norms to filling needed positions in a tight workers’ economy, tech leaders and their teams will be facing challenges as they move forward.

iOS 15.7 Vs iOS 16—Should You Upgrade To The Newest Apple Software?

Apple's new operating system, iOS 16, has been released. It promises to provide users with a more secure and customized experience than ever before. However, the truth is that within minutes of its launch, iOS 15.7 has become one of the most popular topics on social networks.

Why Digital Products Require Product Discovery

Every entrepreneur who dreams of building a million-dollar idea into a beautiful digital product has to experience certain reality checks and validation.

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