Methods of debugging – Seminar

On 3rd of March 2016, we’ve organised a seminar on the topic of “Debugging methods”. We’ve got acquainted with a list of useful and handy tools and error handler frameworks which will help web developers to easily find out and debug the errors and also to handle more appropriate the raised exceptions in their web applications.

We’ve learned how to set a global exception handler to intercept and handle PHP exceptions in order to catch otherwise uncaught exceptions and log than for a later review.

We’ve studied one of the most powerful  features of debugging – usage of a debugger by setting breakpoints. In this context we’ve investigated the call stack, the changes of the variables in the run time.

Basically we found out  how to make the debugging process a little bit more agreeable

You can view the presentation below. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any new debugging methods you think might interesting.

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