AeroTour for iOS and Android – Beautiful views, explained!


AeroTour is an application created for travel lovers and curious people. In a changing world, travelling has become a need, and this application was created for those who want to know more and to stay informed.

When we are flying, we’re always curious to find out what is there below. During the flight we’ve got a lot of free time, and our minds are blown away by different questions and thoughts , where are we now? Which mountains I see? Is it the ocean at the horizon? What is that river over there?

Meet AeroTour for iOS and Android

AeroTour is an application developed for the curious people. It displays beautifully the position and information on the cities, mountains, forests, lakes and points of interest along your flight path. No expensive in flight WiFi needed – once route is loaded AeroTour works in flight mode.

AeroTour is both educational and entertaining. The fun part of this application consists of allowing you to see all the destinations you fly over during your flight, and read a short description for each and event view pictures.


To get this application you only need to download Aero Tour. AeroTour app is available for iOS and Android, you can download it now from the App Store or Google Play.

After the application has finished downloading you just have to input your destination — the app will automatically show your location, it contains free maps of the entire world. After that, the app will generate your route, and you can admire the route on your map with all the destination.

It works completely offline and does not require an existing data connection. When you are in the plane just set the Airplane mode on, and voila, you can explore reading about all the destination which you pass by plane.

AeroTour is a very useful for frequent travellers and even for those who don’t travel often, providing users with a ton of useful information on the sites they can see during a flight.


  • Easy to use, great user experience
  • No login necessary
  • Automatic route generation
  • Displays all points of interest, so you can enjoy reading descriptions during the whole period of your flight
  • Saves your journey automatically and you can load it later
  • Once loaded, works completely offline and does not require an existing data connection
  • You can share your journey with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Should you Download Aero Tour?

AeroTour app will guide you to the most expedient journey possible. It’s a must-have-app for travellers as it’s packed with all the convenient information you need to know about your journey. Good luck using it!

Download the app now from the App Store or Google Play. Official website link –

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