10 greatly designed mobile apps

We have prepared a quick top of the greatly designed apps for mobile devices, which are user friendly, beautiful and just great apps. The list is not exhaustive by any means, there are plenty of other great apps out there. So here we are…


1. Inbox (by Google Inc.)


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October 22, Google released a new e-mail client Inbox from the team working on the service Gmail. Creating Inbox, Google has not released yet another client for Gmail, and become an almost organizer.Inbox – a really important step for Google in the field of mobile clients, which has absorbed all the best from the interface Google+, a new appro to the design of which is made by all standards a new and modern design language of Google, known as Material Design – it covers both applications for operating Android and iOS, and the official web version.

2. Calendar (by Google Inc.)


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Google Calendar updated previous version and added embedded Assistant. It helps users to auto-complete the fields. Over time, this feature will adapt to the user’s preferences. The events in the calendar will be accompanied by pictures and maps, images of various attractions, or illustration of everyday events such as dinner, drinks and sport, for better perception. These visual images, according to the company, should simplify and speed perception of events calendar, as well as bring a little beauty in everyday life.

3. Airbnb (by Airbnb, Inc.)


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Airbnb is the world’s largest community-driven hospitality company. In the summer of 2014 service Airbnb introduced its new logo and announced a global redesign. Logo sparked discussion on social networks, but the new design really was quite beautiful. The new user interface is minimal and there are only simple elements, all the references to the skeuomorphic design were canceled, crisp edges are preferred to shaded ones and usability becomes one of the most important elements.

4. Lumosity (by Lumos Labs, Inc.)


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Lumosity is designed to give each person a set of exercises that challenge their cognitive abilities depending on the objectives to achieve. Improve memory, increase the speed of thought, or to develop the reaction rate. This application has a convenient user-friendly interface and unique design. The website and mobile application use colorful graphics that offer a simple but engaging platform. Exercises vary with respect to use of the mouse or keyboard, depending on the type of response required. All exercises are designed as “games”, using sound effects to maintain users’ attention, and points to reward performance achievements.

5. Evernote (by Evernote Corp.)


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Evernote is a multi-platform product that augments workspace productivity, making it easy to stay organized and communicate effectively. Evernote designers focus on building intuitive experiences that delight and engage users. Projects centered around providing relevant content to diverse user segments and redefining optimal work flows.

6. Cabinet Beta (by Aidan Follestad)


Cabinet is a minimalist file manager that is designed for Android devices in order to improve the availability of good file managers on Android that are up to date with Google’s Material design guidelines. As for what is special about Cabinet, the fact that it features Material Design is a main selling feature, with its well laid out UI and easily navigable drawers for searching. But to top off its features, Cabinet also supports root access, as well as remote server access via SFTP.

7. Duolingo (by Duolingo)


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Learning a new language doesn’t have to stressful – it’s a blast with Duolingo. By turning the learning process into a game. Duolingo has a two-way benefit. People learn languages and at the same time help to translate the Internet for free.

8. Yahoo News Digest (by Yahoo Inc.)


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Yahoo News Digest provides a definitive summary of all the important, need-to-know news. All the top stories are summarized and presented with the key information that you need to stay on top of what’s happening. The content is present in a modern minimalist UI based on simplified modular elements. Sloping lines of images offers finesse and originality in this app, also be mentioned clean design and simplistic icons used like iOS 7.

9. Google Translate (by Google Inc.)


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Google Translate is a free application designed by Google for Android mobile phones that allows users to translate texts into any language. This app is really simple to use and have very easy UI.

10. Google Fit (by Google Inc.)


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Google Fit is a fitness app that helps you to start tracking activity effortlessly and become more active, aware and motivated. The interface and feature set is pretty basic, though it looks good on Android Lollipop and has a strong Material Design theme.

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