Vitalie Chiperi

Setup Solr 6.x with MySQL

Vitalie Chiperi VitalieMarch 03, 2017

  This article is a step by step tutorial on how to get Solr 6.x configured with MySQL and run your first data import. Download Solr and create your first collection 1. Download latest 6.x Solr release from 2. Open …

Mihai Gutuleac

Methods of debugging – Seminar

Mihai Gutuleac MihaiMarch 16, 2016

On 3rd of March 2016, we’ve organised a seminar on the topic of “Debugging methods”. We’ve got acquainted with a list of useful and handy tools and error handler frameworks which will help web developers to easily find out and …

Vitalie Chiperi

The mindset of the software developer – How developers think

Vitalie Chiperi VitalieFebruary 22, 2016

Photo: I bumped into a great article by Dan Quine, on how developers think and how they solve the problems. A must read for anyone interested in software development. A few things worth noting from the article Developing software is …

Andrei Lopatenco

Seminar on the topic of “Code Smells”

Andrei Lopatenco AndreiFebruary 19, 2016

On February 11, 2016 we held a seminar and discussions on the topic of “Code Smell”. We tried to identify what are the caveats of smelling code. We have viewed a series of basic examples to identify what is the …

Dan Cantir

“Pets Clinic” app using Go, Ember.js with Ember data, JSON API standard and MySQL.

Dan Cantir DanJanuary 20, 2016 3 Comments

Introduction Despite the fact there are a lot of Javascript frameworks out there, today we will try to use Ember JS and Ember Data. As it is stated on their official website, “Ember.js is a framework for creating ambitious web …

Irina Cojocaru

Embrace the λ – or how to make your code suck less

Irina Cojocaru IrinaDecember 15, 2015 1 Comment

On 30th of November 2015, at Atomate headquarters, we’ve organised the first seminar on programming techniques, called “Embrace the λ – or how to make your code suck less”. The seminar was lead by our experienced and passionate senior developer …

Vitalie Chiperi

Google updates its search algorithm to favour mobile optimised websites

Vitalie Chiperi VitalieApril 21, 2015 1 Comment

According to latest reports, Google has decided to update its search algorithm to favour mobile optimised website, a move which will see many non-mobile websites have their search ranking demoted. With the number of mobile devices constantly soaring, this is …

Andrei Lopatenco

Check your servers for FREAK vulnerability

Andrei Lopatenco AndreiMarch 11, 2015

A recent discovery has proven that OpenSSL library is one of the most used (if not the most used) toolkit used by developers and system administrators for SSL/TLS implementation. This also means that the library is subject to continuous attacks …

Irina Cociug

AeroTour for iOS and Android – Beautiful views, explained!

Irina Cociug IrinaMarch 05, 2015 2 Comments

Overview AeroTour is an application created for travel lovers and curious people. In a changing world, travelling has become a need, and this application was created for those who want to know more and to stay informed. When we are …

Serge Stratan

Web Technologies. Now and tomorrow.

Serge Stratan SergeJanuary 29, 2015

We cannot imagine today’s life without “Internet”. We have it on our computers and mobile devices, we use it for socializing, for work activities, to find any kind of information etc. Let’s have a look on what actually “Internet” is …