Nearshore Software Development – Why choose Atomate?

There is no doubt that Moldova is one of the most appealing nearshoring locations in Eastern Europe and Atomate software development company is one of the reasons why.

Nowadays, if you own a business, there is a big probability that you will face the situation where you will need a software. Atomate, for instance, embrace new development techniques and constantly optimise their processes of user-friendly software design and development.

By having a highly skilled team and many years of experience in software development field, Atomate offers a wide range of services, including the following principal directions:

Having said that, we’d like to tell you why you should consider collaborating with Atomate for all your software development needs:

Dedicated team

Our passionate software developers, show a lot of willing and love what they are doing. Atomate team consists of young and enthusiastic certified professionals and development experts eager to learn the cutting edge technologies and providing the highest level of service.

Moreover, our programmers receive courses to maintain and advance their technical skills. Therefore, every challenge for our team is giving us more motivation. We’re always open to new ideas and opportunities!

We offer 100% customer satisfaction.

Your contentment is crucial for us. Atomate team make sure that you are fully satisfied with the final product. We are going to implement each your idea so that using the product you request brings you joy and satisfaction.

Our company provide warranty for the software we produce and we offer maintenance of the product after the development phase.


We offer custom software development services since 2011, having in our portfolio successful collaboration with world-class companies.

No language barriers

Our developers are fluent in English, Romanian, Russian with the addition of French and German language skills.

We are delivering on time. Everytime.

Our methodology aim to ensure on-time projects delivery of all the required set of features. Delivering on time is really important to us.


I’d like to point out that transparency is another important detail for our collaboration with you as it leads to higher-levels of performance.

We operate in such a way that it is easy for our clients to see what actions are performed, the way we are doing the work and functionality of the work.


We cannot ignore the fact that Moldova is the least expensive nearshore outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe. Additionally, the taxation regime of the employees is limited which makes it an ideal place for investments.

Geographical position

If you own an UK, German, Austrian or other West European company, choosing Atomate as you nearshore destination will definitely be a good choice. Thanks to cultural similarities, short traveling distance and possibility to chat often we will have the possibility to get in touch as often as you wish.

At Atomate every client is special

First of all, we pay attention to our clients needs. Projects start with the discovery phase when we work close with you to find out what is the best for you and suits your requirements. We strive to maintain constant communication in order to make sure you will get the desirable result.

If you’re Atomate once – you’re Atomate many times

As said John Maynard Keynes “Ideas shape the course of history.” Each successful software was an idea before it assumed a tangible form. Atomate is the right partner to have by your side if you are looking to bring a new idea to life. Any your idea matters to our team; let’s turn them into reality.

All things considered we can say that choosing Atomate you will get :

Agile development methods

Talented team of experienced software developers

Open and honest relationship

Memorable experience

Attractive price rates

Tangible benefits

Efficient and robust solutions for your business

If you need assistance with a software project or consultancy in fields related to software development don’t hesitate to contact us:

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Republic of Moldova
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